The Day Of Your Birth Reveals Beautiful Things About Your Personality

Based on the correspondences between the astral configurations, astrology interprets the human interactions and the predictions which result from it. A profile corresponds to one of the twelve signs and elements corresponding to the millennial discipline. Did you know that your birth day could significantly impact your personality? Each day is associated with a dominant planet that can influence your tastes and temperament. Do you recognize yourself in this description?

If you are interested in astrology, you are not without knowing the fundamental impact of your birth day on your horoscope. Seven probabilities, so many planets that can define your path of life and your personality. What is your dominant planet? Astrologers explain how it determines your destiny and your relationships to the Other. Sun, Moon, Venus, which celestial body do you correspond to?

If you were born on a Monday, there is a good chance that you are hypersensitive. Intuitive and romantic, you nurture great ideals towards others which makes you quicker to disappoint. You are strongly influenced by the Moon which makes you more vulnerable to mood swings. This star corresponds to heredity, family life and home. You will be fulfilled in these three parts around which your life will gravitate. To be happy, you must feel connected to these ties because they will bring you material and emotional security.

If you were born on a Tuesday, you are under the influence of Mars. This profile corresponds to fighting spirit and determination. Your increased desire for independence and your obsession with competition help you to take initiatives. In frenzied quest for adventure, you can not cope with a routine existence. Your constant enthusiasm allows you to achieve your goals easily by ignoring the obstacles that stand in your way. This profile implies that your male part is predominant.

Your dominant planet is Mercury. This star is often at the origin of changes and personal achievements. If you were born on a Wednesday, your communication skills are increased. Your versatile mood can lead to many conflicts if you do not develop your flexibility. The influence of Mercury helps you to achieve your professional goals with mastery.

If you were born on a Thursday, you fit the Jupiterian profile. Bon vivant and optimistic, you have a pronounced taste for good food and the frenetic quest for pleasure. Your temperament gives pride to the paradox. Enthusiastic, you are keen to stimulate your surroundings with unconditional emotional support. However, your tendency to self-sabotage can prevent you from accomplishing your goals. Generous and honest, you lead your existence in coherence with your values ​​of sharing and solidarity.

You correspond to the supremacy of Venus. Your artistic fiber is such that you can not feel fulfilled without creating. Your mission of life? Reach harmony in a caring and warm home. Idealist, you are prone to disappointment in your friendly relationships. Your pronounced taste for comfort sometimes leads you to get bogged down in laziness. You will gain to be more persevering in accomplishing your goals.

If you were born on a Saturday, you are led by Saturn. Reserved and taciturn, your spiritual life is rich and complex. Driven by ideals such as charity and sharing, you are committed to helping improve the human condition. Your increased sense of resilience helps you through the trials of life with serenity. Studious and persevering, you get to attract what you want thanks to your methodical character.


You are under the influence of the Sun. Your temperament is enthusiastic and you have no trouble attracting great opportunities on your way. Solitary and taciturn, you re-energize in silence to take stock. Your ability to solve difficult situations is invaluable.
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