These 3 Female Zodiac Signs Attract Bad Men (They Are Unhappy)

In love, we tend to often fall on the same profile of partners. These sometimes fill a childhood-related gap to repair the trauma of the past. Indeed, a person haunted by a feeling of abandonment may be attracted by a distant partner because this way of loving him is familiar. If a job of introspection is not done, the sentimental mistakes are repeated to help have a healthier relationship to love.

According to astrology, some women of the zodiac can not help but fall in love with toxic people. Do you recognize yourself in this description? We tell you more in our astro point.

Love failures can teach us a lot about ourselves. Have you ever realized that your love life was punctuated by failures due to the choice of a toxic partner? So, it is very likely that you will be part of these zodiac women. According to the celestial configurations, these partners find it difficult to break the vicious circle in which they are bogged down. And for good reason, the toxic personalities are instinctively attracted by them.

Who are the toxic partners of the zodiac?

1- Aries
Born leaders, Aries men like to have the ascendancy over their partner. Their attraction to domination drives them to inquisitive, even paranoid, attitudes. They will be constantly haunted by an obsession with betrayal. To remedy this, they will scrutinize the slightest suspicious attitude of the chosen of their heart.

2- Aquarius
Charming and eloquent, it will not be difficult for an Aquarius man to attract the woman he covets. Only problem ? He is emotionally unavailable because he refuses to compromise his sacrosanct freedom. As soon as he feels the boredom, he will take the powder off in search of more lenient horizons.

3- Gemini
Gemini men will lack constancy in love. Subject to mood swings, they will constantly question their partner. Their tantrums will be enduring and odious. Their guilt will push them to make up for themselves by promising their partner's mountains and wonders. These opposing signals will be devastating for the relationship that will eventually become blunted.

Who are these unhappy women in love?

 1- Cancer
Sensitive and affectionate, the Cancer woman willingly gives the benefit of the doubt when it comes to romantic relationships. She gives her confidence easily to expose herself to betrayal. His lack of confidence can often prevent him from asserting himself. The native of this sign will hardly break a relationship if it has not explored all possibilities. This makes it very vulnerable to malicious and toxic partners. His credulity prevents him from questioning his feelings.

2- Virgo
Despite their extraordinary intelligence, the natives of this sign are vulnerable to manipulation and subterfuge. Sensitive to flattery, they will easily get bogged down in a toxic relationship if their partner is eloquent. They are not inclined to introspection, they tend to neglect the warning signals of a sulphurous love story. After a failure, they will be released from all responsibility. This attitude will lead them irreparably to the repetition of the same romantic scenarios.

3- Capricorn

Impetuous and spontaneous, Capricorn women will plunge headlong into a toxic relationship. Their naivety pushes them to take for granted the promises and words of love. They will be so sure of being safe from treason that they will experience bitter disappointments. Their lack of rationality prevents them from identifying the intentions of their partner. The natives of this sign will tend to blame themselves for their love failures.
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