The 3 Most Fake Signs Of The Zodiac (They Never Say What They Think)

In life, we can not always say what we think and express loudly our emotions. However, it turns out that a few spend their whole lives confined in a role to avoid showing their true character traits. Through the analysis of the stars and planets, astrologers were able to identify the signs of the zodiac that correspond to the most false people.

It would be naïve to think that in this world people are all authentic and devoid of pretense. Appearances are often misleading and for good reason! Facts, words and all acts relating to a person can be carefully implemented so that she can show others the image she desires.

According to astrologers, some signs of the zodiac are more likely to be fake and display their most beautiful face in society without any ounce of sincerity.

Here are the 3 zodiac signs known to lie, betray and hide their true personality:

Taurus are generally appreciated by those around them. Their calm, their coolness and their implacable logic are fascinating. Often they are simple but very reassuring. They are the first to preach a universe devoid of artifice and duplicity. As a result, people can easily confide in them with confidence. However, the natives of this sign do not usually show their emotions and are extremely discreet about their deep thoughts. They can become confusing in some situations. They are people who can not stand arguments or confrontations. They try to appease the conflicts by relying on logical reasoning.

But if you look more closely at how they behave, you will see how false and treacherous they are. Indeed, Taurus are only there if they can take advantage of the situation. They never do anything out of pure generosity. When they make a kind gesture, it is only because they are expecting something in return. They are proven manipulators who enjoy the weaknesses of others to assert their superiority.

Gemini are open-minded and love the company of others. They are dynamic and eager for new knowledge. They express their thirst for learning by constantly asking questions sometimes abruptly. Generally, their sense of communication makes them pleasant companions with whom one can share good times. They are intelligent and can adapt to various social situations. 

However, they sometimes have a whimsical behavior that can surprise. They can scorn you and treat you as if you are worthless if they are in a bad mood. When it comes to talking about their emotions, Gemini eclipse and show a cold and distant character. They can keep in them a resentment and a hatred that will translate into disconcerting indifference towards others. The natives of this sign are poor companions who can become hypocrites and speak behind the backs of their loved ones without any remorse. They lie so well that it is often difficult to disentangle the true from the false when they speak.

Aquarians are daring people and full of surprises. The natives of this sign arouse the curiosity of others because of their originality and their way of seeing things. Indeed, they are idealistic and have singular values ​​that escape collective morality. Generally, they are introverted and never take the first step to hold a conversation or approach a person they do not know. In addition, Aquarians are dreamers who often find themselves drowned in improbable thoughts.

Nevertheless, we must know that the natives of this sign conceal their feelings and their true personality. They are devious and are a pleasure to play comedy to give themselves a positive image. Diplomats, they can not reveal their true nature because they know how much their deceit can destroy them and isolate them from the world. They are excellent liars who deceive everyone around them.
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