Here Is The Animal Spirit That Protects You From Your Zodiac Sign

Astrology is a science that allows you to know more about yourself, your way of being, your aspirations and your fears. But it turns out that from the answers that your astrological sign gives you, you may be able to determine which animal spirit you are related to.

The concept of the animal spirit is present in many cultures, including Amerindian cultures, where these spirits are considered guides who are there to guide us but also to come to our rescue when it is needed most. Knowing that each of them has its own strength, a force that draws a personality trait from its wearer.

Let's take a look at the spiritual animal that represents each astrological sign.

You have the cheetah spirit, because you are overflowing with energy and you can not be tamed. And when you set a goal, it's almost impossible to turn away from it. You do not give up until you reach your goal. You are a real force of nature.

Your mind is that of the bear, an inescapable symbol of strength and stability. Two things that represent you better than anyone, you like to put everything you do on a solid foundation and defend your beliefs. You also embody protection because you not only protect your assets, but also those of people you love.

You represent the spirit of the dolphin, your player side and curious is what characterizes you the most. But that's not all, since you demonstrate an impressive intelligence. Under your cheerful and enthusiastic airs, your goal is above all to live things that will mark you forever no matter what!

For you, this is the spirit of the rabbit, because shyness is an aspect that takes precedence over the rest of your personality. That said, you can also be very smart and creative. This creates a complexity that can make you difficult to understand because on one side you are shy, on the other hand, you are capable of real exploits allowing you to overcome the difficulties of life.

Your spiritual animal is the dragon, you know how to influence those around you without even using words. You always inspire them with strength, courage and fearlessness.

Like the dragon, you often strive for power and greatness and take your career seriously. It's also what makes you like challenges, to prove yourself and take the lead.

You play the spirit of the fox, an animal that knows perfectly compensate for its small size by its agility and great intelligence. You also know how to easily adapt and be flexible in different environments. Your insight and analytical skills are capable of giving you a lot of wisdom if you take the time to learn from your surroundings.

Your spirit is that of the swan, because you embody a certain beauty, purity and grace that is hard to ignore. You are sweet and you have a beauty both outside and inside. Even when you are surrounded, you know how to stay yourself and keep an authenticity that many see as a rare quality.

You represent the spirit of the phoenix. You like to seem threatening to protect yourself from suffering, but the most important thing is that inside, there is a lot of sweetness and sensitivity in you. If you learn to accept your own vulnerability, you could live a real renaissance and achieve incredible things.

Just like the cat, you stand fiercely at your independence and categorically deny anyone taking the reins of your life for you. You are also a real free and curious electron who is more. You want to explore the world, experience exciting adventures and enjoy life to the fullest without being accountable to anyone.

Your mind is that of the alligator, you are the very embodiment of the quiet force, the one that allows you to jump on every occasion at the right moment when it comes. You know how to be patient in bringing out all your strength when you need it. One might think that you are passive until you prove that you are rather thoughtful.

The spider is the spirit that best describes you, you are a symbol of perseverance and creativity. When you have an idea in mind, you can take as much time as you can to make it happen on your own and in the most beautiful way, which makes you happy. It is sometimes difficult for people to understand you, so it is possible that they fear you as is the case for spiders.


Your animal spirit is that of the stag, the very manifestation of calmness, compassion and gentleness. You like above all to live in peace in an entourage made of people of open mind. You are also sensitive and timid, but react badly to people who express themselves while offending others or imposing their ideas.
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