The Most 3 Jealous Zodiac Signs (We Must Move Away)

It seems that some people are deeply jealous of the happiness and glory of others. Malicious, they have only a haste, it is to see them fall to take their place.

These people often show hypocrisy in the hope of detecting the weaknesses of others. Excessively envious, they do not support that others live better than they do.

Astrologers have evaluated the personality traits of each zodiac sign. And from a deep analysis of the stars and the planets, they put forward the 3 zodiac signs the most envious of all:

1- Scorpio
The Scorpio are extremely jealous of the success of others. Hungry for recognition, the natives of this sign are criticizing everything. They display a cold and distant behavior but analyze the facts and actions of their competitors. Perfectionists, they hate to feel inferior to others in any field. Placed under the influence of Pluto, Scorpios have a destabilizing power of seduction that allows them to manipulate others in the hope of getting what they want.

Suspicious, they never reveal what they think and even less what they feel. They do not trust anyone because they know the dark side of the human being. The natives of this sign want everything they do not have and do not hesitate to hide this face of their personality. They wish with all their heart to be able to dethrone all those who surpass them. As a result, they work hard to be the best at all times.

2- Virgo
Perfectionists, the Virgo are ambitious and aspire to a serene and stable life. They are calm and thoughtful people who inspire confidence. Very organized, the natives of this sign like to set goals and achieve them in a methodical way. They are good at communicating and know how to share their ideas with others.

These patient and rigorous beings have a relentless sense of logic. Yet, they are often judged by others for their rigidity of mind. Despite their undeniable intelligence, Virgo has very little confidence in them and is constantly afraid to make mistakes. They flee risky situations and try to stick to their habits. When they meet people who know how to cope with change and take risks, they envy them deeply. The Virgo feels they are never up to the challenge and can not get out of their comfort zone. 

They admire those who dare take control of their future courageously. Their fears about failures make them not evolve as they hope. They try to overcome this fear that causes them so much harm but it is above all their confidence in them that should be improved!

3- Gemini
Gemini are in perpetual quest for their deep nature. Very sociable and intelligent, they know how to manipulate others to perfection to have what they want. The natives of this air sign feed their minds constantly with new knowledge, reading and innovative ideas. Under the influence of Mercury, Gemini, however, have trouble staying focused on the same project. They have so many ideas in their minds that they often get lost in what they do. 

They are very dynamic and their curiosity can sometimes be worth unbearable mental agitation. Unfortunately, the natives of this sign do not make good use of their intellect and tend to want to belittle others. They do not accept to see others happier than they are. They need to have the best. Without any remorse, they can spread gossip to hurt. They are capable of the worst to reach the position to which they aspire.

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