The 5 Signs Of The Zodiac Hardest And Without Compassion (They Have A Heart Of Stone)

Signs Of The Zodiac Hardest And Without Compassion

We can not consider compassion as a characteristic but rather as a lifestyle that only compassionate people are able to understand. They have the ability to feel things and the people around them to bond socially with those around them. However, during our journey, we also meet people who care less about the well-being of others and not empathic, thus making our road more sinuous and littered with obstacles to obscure it further.

Astrology, while still subjective, highlights the 5 least zodiacal signs that are least sensitive and most implacable, to the point of assimilating their hearts to a hard, cold stone.

A person who lacks empathy will be unable to care for others, will be less sensitive, will not trust and will not be compassionate. Egoism will be his first fault, making manipulation a way of life.

Here are the hardest and least sensitive signs of the zodiac

1. Pisces 
The natives of Pisces are in most cases obsessed with their own lives and rarely worry about the lives of others. And for good reason, their submersion in their imaginary and intrinsic world, fueled by dreams that only Pisces are able to conceive. This state of mind makes them solitary, antisocial beings, having nothing to do with the opinion or the fate of others. Their indifference makes their relationships tedious and unpleasant, making them unpopular.

2. Capricorn
The complication in all its splendor is what qualifies the Capricorn. They do not simplify their lives and always try to find a hitch where they should not. Love, work, friendship, everything is reason for entanglement since they have trouble with feelings and interpersonal relationships. These natives give more time to their work and their career than to their relationships with those around them. Unable to confide in themselves and give vent to their effusion, they are described as cold and austere.

3. Taurus
Wisdom and prudence are the primary qualities of Taurus. For this reason, they prefer to hide their feelings and hide their emotions in order to protect themselves and protect themselves against disappointment and emotional pain. 

This unfailing shell that surrounds them most often equates to people cold, distant and indifferent to the problems of others, even if it is not always the case. And for good reason, their stoic nature can well collapse; just a little trigger to witness an avalanche of emotions from them. On the other hand, their stubbornness makes these natives incapable of yielding or making compromises, which makes their relationship with their congeners complicated and inconvenient.

4. Virgo
Anxious for the smallest details and fussy to the extreme, the virgo are difficult to mix with. They are nonetheless calculating and intelligent, but still trying to put under control their own feelings and emotions. Unable to deceive, they put a physical and emotional distance between themselves and the surrounding people, often posing as beings without compassion.

5. Aquarius
Aquarians are often locked in an egocentric world and, as a result, remain focused on their own difficulties, seldom opening up to others. The result is emotional isolation but above all a polarization of their own well-being without worrying about others, especially their loved ones. The latter suffer from the strong facade of the Aquarian natives, often portraying them as hostile and severe.
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