5 Zodiac Signs That Can Destroy Your Life If You Hurt Them

Whether you believe it or not, your zodiac sign reveals more than one trait of your personality. It can also define your relationships with others and your compatibility with the people who are going around. Some signs are not really trustworthy, not because they are deceitful, but because they do not accept the offense even if you do it inadvertently.

Their reaction will be violent, and fueled by rancor, they will think of a thousand and one ways to destroy your life. Revenge is for them synonymous with justice and balance. A sort of law of retaliation that requires you to drink the same poison that you gave them.

The 5 signs of the zodiac that can destroy your life

This must certainly surprise you, especially if you have a native of this sign in your surroundings. Certainly, he can be friendly and affectionate, and appear calm in appearance. But do not get me wrong! The native Sagittarius can prove to be a real manipulator, especially when it comes to achieving his goals. If you inadvertently compromise his plans, he will not hesitate to poison your life.

Capricorn is someone envious, who will not stand to see you in a more advantageous position than his. He is also fond of rumors and can easily indulge in gossiping. If you think that you are close enough to him and that he would therefore be unable to attack you, think again. When you represent a threat or obstacle that could prevent him from achieving his goals, he will use his power of conviction to spread horrible rumors about you. Leave you humiliated in public if necessary.

It's no secret, the native Gemini is known for the duality of his personality. If you have a friendly relationship with him, he may seem emotional and tender at first, but may turn into a real hangman of feelings afterwards. He gets tired quickly enough of the relationships he has with others. It may hurt you deeply, involuntarily sometimes, because it is not aware of the harm it can cause.

The Leo native is egocentric and will do everything in his power to be the center of attention. He has a disproportionate esteem for himself, and misplaced criticism from you can quickly hurt you. No need to consider sharing his place on the podium, he will be furious and consider you a threat to eliminate. He will not fail to take revenge for the most ignoble of manners. He will not stop until you get out of his way without an ounce of empathy.


This list would have been incomplete without the presence of native Scorpion. Ruining the lives of others is a real pleasure for him. He is generally kind and loyal, but the flip side can be hellish. He is resentful, and if you pick on him, you'd better get away from the best you can. He will be happy to see you suffer because you have betrayed the trust he has given you.
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