5 Zodiac Signs That Spend Their Lives Suffering (Eternal Victims)

Victimization is a psychological process that leads some people to constantly position themselves as "victims" to not take responsibility for their actions. Thus, all the misfortunes that they will experience in their life will be reproached to others. Often these people experience this unconscious mechanism and spend their whole lives suffering.

After a professional failure, a breakup, a health problem or any negative event, some people take refuge in a carapace victim to indulge in their misfortune. Incapable of showing responsibility, they remain passive and can not lead to a necessary change.

According to astrologers, these 5 signs of the zodiac have become accustomed to placing themselves in a position of victim and suffer considerably:

The natives of this sign are sociable and pleasant to live. They advocate peace in the world and try to spread positive waves around them. Rational, they show logic before taking action in their lives. In addition, they have the habit of easing tensions and providing valuable advice to those around them. Thus, they generally manage to maintain a certain libra in their lives. Only when an impromptu event occurs do they know how to react. They are extremely afraid of the unexpected and get stuck in the face of complex situations. As a result, Libra is comforted in a victim position and blames everything that happens to others.

Cancer is sweet, affectionate and generous. They find their main source of motivation in the love of others. Indeed, they are extremely sensitive and need to be reassured permanently. Whimsical, they tend to change mood based on their immediate thoughts. In addition, the natives of this sign are capricious and often ask too much attention to others. But the biggest problem of these people is their tendency to blame others for all their misfortunes. In reality, Cancer is immature and can not bring about positive change in their lives. Having a very low self-esteem, they are deeply dependent on their surroundings. Thus, as soon as they suffer prejudice, they will automatically blame others instead of trying to find adequate solutions.

The natives of this sign are generally introverted and reserved. Indeed, they can not reveal their true personality and remain under the shadow of others. Nevertheless, their sense of organization often allows them to overcome their goals. Indeed, they are perfectionists and bend over backwards to perform their daily actions. In addition, the natives of this sign have a lot of difficulty to endure criticism. In truth, they are sorely lacking in self-confidence. On the other hand, Virgo never takes the mistakes that they commit and if the

others reproach them, they may curl up on themselves. Thus, the natives of this sign refuse to shoulder the responsibilities and think that the others really want them harm.

The natives of this sign are weak in personality and need others to feel good. That said, they refuse to admit this psychological suffering and often remain alone. Fragile, they flee social interactions and especially new encounters. However, they know how naive they are and know the consequences of this trait. Indeed, Pisces often suffer treachery and are easily manipulated by others. However, instead of trying to bring about a positive change in their personality, they are content to drown themselves in an unbearable loneliness and sorrow. In addition, they unconsciously blame others for being stronger and more tough. Thus, as soon as misfortune happens to them, they drown in a mode of thought which destroys them.


Capricorns are discreet and yet extremely ambitious. Indeed, the natives of this sign can climb summits without the help of anyone. They are very analytical and have an implacable logic. Loyal, they express unparalleled devotion to their loved ones and are willing to sacrifice many things to give them the support and love they deserve. However, Capricorns are very pessimistic and suffer from the deep belief that others are hurting them. Thus, they tend to take refuge in their professional life to avoid widening their social circle. When they go through dark periods, the natives of this sign are placed in the position of victim and never question.
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