Fire, Earth, Air Or Water: Which Element Governs You According To Your Zodiac Sign?

Zodiac Sign

Each person has a well defined character that allows him to think and act in a singular way. Indeed, all human beings are by definition equal but different, depending on their worldview, their experiences and their personality traits. Nevertheless, the astral waves revealed that the 12 signs of the zodiac are guided by 4 elements that are fire, air, earth and water. Do you know which element governs you and what that represents?

The study of astrology has made it possible to highlight the character traits that relate to each of the signs of the zodiac. However, some are ruled by fire, symbol of passion and passion while others are guided by the Earth, representing stability and logic. Discover the element that guides your personality:

Signs of Fire:

- Aries:
Competitive, Aries are renowned for being strong and courageous. Indeed, the natives of this sign are not cold and preach an existence devoid of fear and hesitation. They are go-getters and they generally win. In fact, they never give up on the difficulties of life and like to take risks to surpass themselves on a daily basis.

- Leo:
Leo are passionate beings who know how to put forward their qualities to flourish. Very domineering, they arouse the respect and admiration of their peers. Indeed, the natives of this sign know how to take the lead and manifest the interest of all. Very sure of themselves, they are a bit self-centered and have a hard time putting themselves in other people's shoes at times.

Greedy for new experiences, Sagittarians are curious and optimistic. They like to spread the joy and good mood around them. Very independent, they can not stand jealousy or possessiveness. The natives of this sign preach freedom to think and act and have real difficulties in coping with the obligations imposed by society.

Water signs:

- Pisces:
Dreamers, Pisces have a child's soul. They know neither greed nor meanness and can be disconcertingly naive. Sweet and romantic, they seek to meet love and enjoy this frantic quest.

- Cancer:
Emotional, Cancer is sorely lacking in self-confidence. Yet, they are faithful friends who are always present to support and support others in difficult times. Unfortunately, they are whimsical and change their mood in a snap.

- Scorpio:
Impassive, Scorpions are sometimes difficult to decrypt. They can be cold and distant when deep down they are very sensitive. Sincere in their relations, the natives of this sign are none the less ambitious. They dream of greatness and do not hesitate to persecute their professional life to climb the ladder of society.

Earth signs:

- Taurus :
Intelligent, Taurus seek stability in their existence. They are fleeing superficial relationships and ephemeral pleasures. In reality, they wish to live in harmony with their surroundings and to be at peace with themselves. The natives of this sign hate conflicts and try to ease tensions as soon as they are felt.

- Virgo:
Virgo is very perfectionist. Thus, they live under constant pressure and try to receive the approval of their loved ones. Anxious, the natives of this sign are so afraid of making mistakes that they can curl up on themselves and lock themselves in their carapace to avoid being judged.

- Capricorn:
Hard-working, Capricorn are ambitious and dynamic. They hope to reach a material comfort and give themselves the necessary means to reach it. In addition, the natives of this sign seek to build stable and lasting relationships with their loved ones.

The signs of Air:

- Aquarius:
Aquarius have a strong personality that allows them to affirm what they think without being afraid of external judgments. In addition, the natives of this sign do not support the imposition of rules to follow. Moreover, they are open-minded and sympathetically welcome the differences of others.

- Gemini:
Curious as possible, Gemini constantly expand their field of knowledge. Indeed, the natives of this sign have an ease in communication that allows them to learn new things every day. They are sociable and manage to exploit their qualities to achieve their goals.

- Libra:
The Libra are calm and thoughtful. Very loyal, they attach particular importance to their family and the values they receive. In addition, natives of this sign have confidence in themselves and generally make good decisions in life. Nevertheless, they can be rigid and refuse to question themselves in certain situations.
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