This Is How You Ruin Your Relationship According To Your Zodiac Sign

Have you ever wondered why a certain relationship with a certain person has not worked? Why do you tend to make the same mistakes? In reality, this could be related to your zodiac sign! The stars can indeed reveal to you why and how you tend to reproduce the same patterns. We tell you more in our astro point.

Love failures are always difficult, especially when you do not understand why they happened. Because your zodiac sign is indicative of a wealth of information about your personality, character, and even habits, it could also help you understand why some of your relationships are not working.

 Ruin Your Relationship According To Your Zodiac Sign

You have probably already been criticized, your greatest fault is your selfishness. You always think of yourself first and your partner is often left behind. As a result, your relationships fail most of the time because you do not try to listen to your partner and do not worry about feelings or needs.

Just like Aries people, you find it hard to focus on what your partner tells you. During a conversation, you often find yourself thinking about the next thing you want to say instead of listening to what your partner has to say. This has a considerable impact on your relationships because your partner feels that you do not care about him or his point of view.

Very discreet, even mysterious, you have trouble expressing yourself when something is wrong. Even if your world crumbles, you always keep smiling and pretend that everything is fine because you do not want to share your feelings or emotions with anyone. By displaying only positive emotions, you give your partner the impression that he does not really know you and this creates a huge communication problem between you.

Have you ever been accused of taking yourself for the belly of the world? This must be because of your tendency to beware of the people around you and to interpret every look, every word as a provocation or a sign of tension. You worry too much, think too much about everything and end up creating problems that do not exist, and your paranoia ends up ruining your relationship.

Your biggest problem is that you are too demanding, you expect too much from your partner, and are never satisfied with his efforts. Now, there is no reason for your partner to stay with someone who only seems to see his flaws.

Just like Leo, you aspire to have a perfect relationship and partner. In fact, you try to control everything, including the person who shares your life, and it hurts your relationship.

You are of an extraordinary kindness, but your fault is that you sometimes seem to be erased and therefore have trouble imposing yourself. You end up aligning your opinion with that of your partner, which quickly becomes boring for him.

You are extremely stubborn and categorically refuse to acknowledge that you are wrong, let alone apologize. This repels your partner because he is forced to make sure to fix your mistakes, or even to apologize when there is nothing.

You have a hard time accepting criticism, even when it is grounded or constructive. You always reject your mistakes on others and refuse to make the slightest effort to improve your faults, and that ends up destroying your relationships.

You have a free spirit, so free that you aspire to be very, if not too independent, and it takes you far away from your half. You want to maintain your independence so much that you sometimes refuse to do couple activities and prefer to act alone. If you continually reject your partner, he will eventually leave one day.

Your laziness poisons your relationships. You systematically refuse all activities proposed by your partner because you prefer to lie on your sofa watching TV, which can quickly become lazy for your partner.

You have a hard time expressing yourself and can not talk about your feelings or emotions. Thus, you often feel misunderstood by those around you. The feeling of incomprehension then turns into anger against your partner because he can not guess your states of mind. But you must know that it is impossible for a person to read your thoughts to know how you feel.
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