3 Zodiac Signs With A Hypocritical Smile Who Will Not Hesitate To Betray Your Friendship

In a more connected society than ever before, the image and appearance that we try to give to others is of crucial importance. For most people, improving your image means improving yourself. To work on oneself to become more tolerant, to engage in voluntary actions in order to do good around oneself.

Unfortunately, there are people for whom this kind of introspection is out of the question, it is then for them to take shortcuts to achieve the same result. 

Hypocritical Smile Who Will Not Hesitate To Betray Your Friendship

We knew this friend who was blindly trusted. With whom we seemed to share so much. But when we really need the support of this friend, suddenly the behavior of the latter changes dramatically. You are no longer useful to him, and he has no remorse to completely erase you from his life. These two-sided people are cold and calculating people, in soft, loving airs, and that's what makes them dangerous. Being able to recognize them and get rid of them as quickly as possible should be a priority because, like parasites, these people take everything without giving anything back. The signs of the zodiac bring us an interesting analysis in order to recognize and avoid them. Discover those who could betray you.

1- Libra (September 24 to October 23)
Air sign, ruled by the planet Venus. Very intellectual sign, and very communicative. The natives of the Libra sign are talkative people who adore attention. Superficial, they are ready to do anything to attract the spotlight on them. Their skill in the discussion allows them to get out of any bad situation, but also to lie without raising the suspicion of the people around them. Nevertheless, this sign remains a pacifist sign and which hates the conflicts, the Libra will not therefore try to aggravate a situation for free but do not be deceived, opportunism guides their actions.

2- Virgo (August 24 to September 23)
Earth sign governed by the planet Mercury. The natives of this sign are perfectionists. In their best days, Virgo are organized people with a sense of analysis that could make them very good friends. Unfortunately when they are malicious, Virgo are able to execute their plans with unparalleled composure and thoroughness. Very individualistic, they will not hesitate to seek to harm you behind your back for their own benefit. Fortunately for you, these people are unable to improvise unlike the natives of Libra. So caught in the bag the plan of the Virgo will collapse on itself.

3- Leo (July 23rd to August 23rd)
Sign of Fire ruled by the Sun. Leo are born leaders, whose self-assurance and charisma inspire the admiration of their peers. In any case, this is what the natives of this sign like to believe. The reality can unfortunately be quite different. Leo are hungry for attention, more than any other sign. They feed on the idea of ​​being the focus of attention and discussion. This obsession pushes them in some cases to the lowest shots. Far from the majestic animal that represents their sign, they will not hesitate to use their ability to manipulate the crowd to tell lies about whoever dares to criticize them.

Although the signs of the zodiac certainly provide us with a means of analysis and a tool to better approach and understand others, they remain only one gear among an infinity that all act in tandem and which define the personality of each individual. Added to that the experience of everyone who brings a significant complexity to the behavior of people.
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