2020 Will Be Your Year Of Ascension And Spiritual Elevation

In astrology, apart from the influence that different constellations and planets may have on us, from time to time great cosmic events occur that can produce major changes in our lives on many levels. According to specialists in the field, an alignment will take place between 2019-2020 between Pluto and Saturn, an event able to release an astronomical amount of energy.

2020 Will Be Your Year Of Ascension And Spiritual Elevation

A change in size would emerge
The transition period between these two years will involve different upheavals caused by astral alignments. It would be strictly speaking a release of energy such that it could produce an elevation in our vibrations as well as our consciousness. Then there will be a combination of all the energies on the universal plane then the beginning of what the specialists call "a movement towards the light", a process that can be described as a global spiritual ascent.

All of this good news is not about announcing to humanity the end of its suffering, but it does mean that more and more people will be able to agree with their inner selves. This spiritual awakening will result in getting them out of the negativity that rages in the world so as to find positive waves.

Let's see that a bit more closely
As we have seen, a specific event took place during the month of January this year, the so-called "blood moon", followed by two consecutive superlunes and another rather seasonal one. If you think this is a simple coincidence, astrologers will contradict you without hesitation, since these full moons symbolize a radical change of direction. This could be likened to an essential letting go, a way of getting rid of too much burden and starting a new chapter.

 So, instead of straining in this darkness, go instead to your "light" to you. Disregard what slows you down for better progress. The past is a thing of the past, while the future is not there yet and gives you the opportunity to catch up, to go beyond anything that previously blocked you.

During the year 2020, everything will be subject to questioning, transformation and improvement; a renewal that only you can provoke. You will only have to contemplate the effect it will have on your surroundings. The wave of energy will become more and more widespread, until it becomes massive enough to trigger an unprecedented change.

The stakes could be grandiose
Astrologers believe that the month of March 2019 was of paramount importance for subsequent events, especially those destined to occur in the months of September, October and December of the same year. It is therefore necessary to review your past decisions and actions in order to measure the impact that they will have on what awaits you.

Abuses of power will be broken because they will become more blatant than ever. This means that major situation reversals are to be expected and on a large scale. The effect of this wave will not stop there and will extend until the year 2021, when new prospects for the future will emerge, a process that one could obviously relate to a liberation of all defeatist or destructive thought.

It is then time for you to stand up, shine brightly and leave behind any form of negativity that once kept you hand and foot bound. Now is the time to get to know you better and move forward.

Recognize what you have done right and wrong and make the right decisions to improve your life. Do it and be proud of it. Honor this gift that is life.
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