Nostradamus Predictions 2020 : 3 Ominous Prophecies For The Year 2020

Discover Nostradamus predictions for the year 2020. Died about 500 years ago, Nostradamus continues to debate. The predictions of the French apothecary can indeed be quite disconcerting. At the point where some people begin to believe, study and analyze these prophecies.

Michel de Nostredame, known as Nostradamus, is a French apothecary born in the 16th century. At first a brilliant doctor, he is, however, best known for being a practitioner of divination. Nostradamus used astrology to predict the future.

A character coveted by the medieval aristocracy
Nostradamus is fascinating today, but he was above all a character who intrigued his peers. The aristocracy has snatched the services of the former doctor who spent nearly 15 years of his life to cure the plague. It is Queen Catherine de Medici, then spouse of the King of France Henry II, who welcomes the apothecary in his court. Nostradamus would have prepared him potions and other filters, and the queen would have graciously paid for his services. Nevertheless, Nostradamus is preoccupied with something else, he devotes himself in his free time to writing and describing many prophecies in a work he will call "The centuries".

Predictions that would have already occurred

Nostradamus 2020

To give you a glimpse of the character and let you judge the veracity of his predictions, here are some of them:

- Nostradamus would have predicted the Great Fire of London in 1666. Thus in his text he writes: "The blood of the righteous will be exacted from London / Burned by fire in the year 66 ...". The faithful of Nostradamus are categorical about this prophecy which for them is unequivocal clarity.

- More recently, Nostradamus has even predicted the bombing of the Japanese cities of Nagasaki and Hiroshima. He wrote "Near the gates and in two cities / There will be plagues of which we will never have seen similar / Famine in the plague, people extinguished by steel ...".

- One last prediction among many others would mention the 9/11 attack. Nostradamus would have written: "The sky will burn at five and forty degrees / The fire will approach the great new city ...".

These are of course not the only predictions that would have made Nostradamus, they nevertheless convinced some people who no longer doubt the divinatory powers of the French astrologer.

The year 2020 has many catastrophes, according to the writings of Nostradamus. Discover them in this article.

A destructive earthquake

Nostradamus 2020

According to Nostradamus, humanity will witness an earthquake like never before. An earthquake that will affect North America and be so destructive that it will bury part of North American land.

A world conflict of incredible magnitude

Nostradamus 2020

Nostradamus would have predicted an unprecedented war. Some analysts think this refers to a supposed 3rd World War. A war that would do a lot of human damage.

Climate change will grow

Nostradamus 2020

The melting of glaciers is no longer a secret. According to Nostradamus these fonts could accelerate and climate change would be even more exacerbated. Nostradamus would have predicted several hurricanes that will destroy several countries. This will cause conflicts between countries and even more wars.

An economic crisis

Nostradamus 2020

Nostradamus would have predicted an economic crisis that could have disastrous human consequences. This crisis would affect Western countries more specifically.

Whether one believes in these predictions or not, it must be admitted that this very mysterious personage has not ceased to be talked about even centuries after his death. The art of divination is intriguing in every age, and our era is no exception.

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