3 Zodiac Signs That Are Real Crooks (They Steal, Lie And Manipulate)

Often, the astrological sign can reveal many secrets about the personality of each individual. We can believe that we know each other perfectly, some of our behaviors are beyond our consciousness. By discovering the interpretations of astrologers for each sign of the zodiac, we realize that our tastes, our ideas as well as our actions are not always due to chance.

Whether or not we adhere to astrological forecasts, we must admit that we are often recognized in the character traits of our sign. Today, astrologers have tried to determine the three signs of the zodiac that can lie, steal, manipulate or deceive others. Discover the 3 famous signs to be true crooks:

1- Gemini 
Under the influence of Mercury, Gemini are eager for discovery and new knowledge. The natives of this sign like to talk and share their various experiences with others. Often considered as good speakers, they have an admirable relational ease. Indeed, Gemini are very sociable and know how to surround themselves with several people to spend pleasant moments. Being very dynamic, they have a lot of energy to spare. The problem? Gemini can be manipulative.

Indeed, they can use a person to achieve their ends. They have no moral conscience and do not feel guilty after doing harm. Behind this social appearance are hidden individuals without any state of mind, who can use the feelings and emotions of others to satisfy their own interests. In addition, the natives of this sign are very curious. They tend to invent stories and lie to their loved ones to pull their noses.

2- Cancer
Highly sensitive, Cancer is capable of anything to avoid feeling negative emotions. Their tenderness and loyalty make them good friends, faithful and attentive. However, they have the habit of dramatizing every situation and complaining about mundane things. In fact, Cancer lives in a real comedy drama. Playing the role of actor to perfection, they arouse the interest and pity of others. They have an overflowing imagination that can sometimes give them feelings of intense discomfort. They drown in victimization by becoming immature and whimsical. They are aware that they react excessively but simply can not help it. Seeking comfort and security in their relationships, they can get carried away and finish in tears if they face a lie or betrayal. The problem is that although we are patient and willing to support them, some of their reactions are sometimes terribly inadequate.

3- Leo
Leo are social beings appreciated by some and envied by others. The natives of this sign like to be on the front of the stage and show all their qualities to boost their ego. With a very strong personality, the Leo never let himself be. Those born under this royal sign are surrounded by many admirers. They know how to enhance themselves, but never reveal their feelings. They are very discreet and remain almost modest when asked what they feel. Moreover, the Leo are sometimes extremely hypocritical.

Seeking to convey an idyllic image, they do not say what they really think and can talk behind the backs of those around them most often. In addition, their ego-oversized does not allow them to be interested in the needs of others. Leo are always in competition and seek to dethrone those who reach a higher social status than theirs.
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