The Ideal Partner For Each Sign Of The Zodiac

Ideal Partner For Each Sign Of The Zodiac

Love compatibility is constantly sought and astrologers help us find the ideal partner based on our zodiac sign. Love compatibility is literally translated by being in agreement with your partner on several levels. Moreover, several specialists have put forward compatibility tests, which have become fashionable, and used on several dating sites. But are they 100% reliable?. These tests are only pure illusion, and retort of this fact that what builds a solid couple is the modifications that the other could produce on us. For him, a couple is a movement that generates a reformulation of one another for the purpose of transmutation.

For their part, astrologers claim that love compatibility is based on the 4 elements to which each corresponds, which are water, earth, fire and air. These elements can complement each other and make an alliance or even interfere with each other and fight each other. Thus, water sprinkles the earth, this could explain that the signs of water could agree with the signs of earth. Vice versa, air could dry up the earth, which could mean that air signs will have difficulty getting along with earth signs.

Let's take a closer look at these compatibilities!

Sensibility and intuition dominate the character of native Pisces. They observe, imagine and create remarkable things even if it takes them ages to get there. With their partner, they are gentle, a bit shy but tender and tactile. In love, nothing will be worth to them except a union with a Cancer, sign of water or a Taurus sign of earth, both focused on sensuality and sweetness.

Aquarius are nomads, eager for discovery and knowledge with the sole objective in life, to bring about positive change in the world. Also, they hold on to their freedom which remains sacred. The signs that are compatible with them are Gemini and Libra, both thirsty for knowledge and adventure.

Completely complicated, the natives of Capricorn change their attitude according to their mood. Sometimes they are pleasant and fun, sometimes they become introverted and close in on themselves, with the pretext of wanting to do an introspection for better reflection. The natives of Pisces and Virgo are the only ones able to support them or even understand them since they are conciliatory and devoted.

Like Aquarius, Sagittarius has an adventurous spirit but no one can understand the concept of freedom as much as they do. They are always ready to travel the roads to distant horizons, provided they satisfy their thirst for knowledge and the discovery of new cultures. Those who will match their temperament are Aquarius and Aries, both go-geters and ready for adventure.

Jealous, quiet and avenging! Do Scorpion natives really deserve this reputation? They are simply misunderstood because the passion that drives them makes them emotional and sometimes difficult to grasp. Admired and feared at the same time, they arouse desire and mistrust. The ones who will have no trouble rubbing shoulders with them are the Leo and the Capricorn, both of whom sometimes have the same disproportionate reactions.

The Libra, while advocating balance in their relationships, remain among the most ambitious signs. And while they are always hesitant to make quick decisions, they strive to succeed and shine. To accompany them, the Leo and Sagittarius will be their best match and for good reason, their mutual ambition which will bring them without question.

Virgos are meticulous, certainly, but abhor confrontation and heated exchanges. Very straddling principles and values, they put their hearts into love and remain devoted and loyal. Libra and Capricorn will gladly accompany them on their life path, in turn endowed with principles of ethics and loyalty.

Like all felines, the Leo are independent but constantly seek attention and can be transient lovers if they feel that their partner deserves their love. In addition, their ambition, their thirst for success and their need to climb the ladder of glory can only be fulfilled in the presence of a Scorpion or a Gemini, who are true guides and positive energy boosters. within the couple.

Generous, empathetic and sensitive, Cancer will always be the first volunteers to help humanity, without exception. They need to feel that they are contributing to the well-being of others and to see the smile on their lips if only with a little quirky humor. Their life companions will obviously be Taurus and Libra, who will understand their sensitivity and their compassion.

Due to the duality of their sign, Gemini is the most versatile of the zodiac. They are constantly browsing for opportunities that will allow them to reach the top, while remaining kind and accommodating. Cancers and Libra will understand and understand their philosophy of life.

Even if they are wrongly deemed to be obstinate in life, Taurus remain the most compassionate and loyal beings and sensuality is their main asset. To understand them, nothing better than a Cancer or even a Capricorn who can wander with them in the same direction.

Ferocious, courageous and unpredictable, Aries use these assets to combat the difficulties of life. To lessen their fiery spirit which can prove excessive in some cases, they will need a Fish or a Cancer, which will bring them relief to balance their bubbling heat.
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